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About us

Our history goes back a long way. The first generation of the Van Hemert family founded Van Hemert Brakel in 1933. A progressive company using contract workers in the local market that further developed into a contracting and rental company. Under the second generation, the company developed to become a major player in earthmoving and road construction, areas in which it is still active. In 2009, under the leadership of the third generation of the Van Hemert family, the Non-ferro Recovery Company was founded, or NRC for short. An international name that underlines what we do today: recovery of non-ferrous metals. In 2016, Aerinnova was founded to further expand the services we provide to our clients. Here the recovered metals resulting from processing at NRC are further processed and traded for the customer.

Our ambitions & challenges

By recovering ferrous and non-ferrous metals with the most advanced machinery, we provide the connecting link between waste processing and responsible recycling. Practice teaches us that we have developed the best mobile installations for recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Together we strive to be and remain the best in the field of raw materials recovery. In addition, we want to further expand our international position through constant innovation. Together with our passionate employees, we offer our clients unrivalled added value

Meet our HR team

Dani Farci

HR Manager +31418745555

Tom Diebels

Recruiter +31682559450

Irene de Hoogd

HR Assistant +31418745555

Ellen van den Oord

Salarisadministrateur/HR Adviseur +31418745555


Non-ferro Recovery Company B.V. Burgemeester Posweg 114 5306 GG Brakel (NL) M: T: +31 (0)418 745 555

Aerinnova B.V. Middelkampseweg 13 5311 PC Gameren (NL) M: T: +31 (0)418 670 346

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